The eye-catching lighting fixtures from Yamoora Products are combined from a specially selected additives and gypsum that can be developed with the help of company’s intensive research and development. The blend of gypsum and additives set a new standard in terms of advanced hardened plaster technology. This is recognized by the United States Gypsum Corporation as the most technically advanced within Australia.

The product variety from Yamoora Products comprises of Rock, Vivet, Luna Open, Sheraton, Orion, Ultima SL26, Ecco 28, Omni 33, Lattice Corner 22, Olympic 34, Capri 48, Olympic 30, Scallop 30, Delta 31, Windsor 42, Euro Urn 38, Aurora 37 and Luna 30. The above models listed are available in Halogen up to 300 watt, plc low energy 13, 18, 26 watt and incandenscent lighting up to a maximum of 60 watt. Yamoora Products offers models that can emit light from below. Yamoora Products gives customers an opportunity to select the required lighting fixture from the wide range of lighting products that are offered by them.