PMMA decorative honeycomb composite panels from XFLO Innovative Surfaces are suitable for screens, partitions, doors, ceiling panels, fascias, illuminated walls, displays, furniture and shelving.  

The composite panels have a patented PET core and an acrylic (PMMA) face. Maximum sheet size is 3000 x 1000 mm. They can be cut down to any size and the customer can also request that the panel edges be sealed if desired.  

There is a range of colours to choose from with either a glossy or a frosted surface finish. Standard thicknesses range from 19 to 80 mm but the panels can also be manufactured at other thicknesses compatible with the customer's particular framing system.  

PMMA decorative honeycomb composite panels are strong, light weight and easily machined using standard equipment. They will visually enhance any room.