Invision decorative panels from XFLO Innovative Surfaces are manufactured from extruded polyethylenterephthalat glycol (PETG). Invision's unique rolling technique combines this PETG material with various decor elements to create innovative, high quality panels.

These decorative panels can be custom made based on the customer's design ideas. There are seven surface structures to choose from and if required the front side and the back side of these panels can have different surfaces. Invision recommend using a white background sheet which is made out of white or opal PETG to achieve the maximum visual effect.

Embedded materials include:

  • Expanded metal
  • Fabrics
  • Light-emitting diodes (LED)
  • Organic materials

The fire protection capabilities of these panels depend on the embedded material which has been used. The panels come in a selection of dimensions and thicknesses. They are surface impact proof and have a high chemical resistance. The panels are also food safe, except for those containing UV protection and are suitable for all conventional plastic processing technologies.

For more technical information on these visually inspiring decorative panels please see the XFLO Innovative Surfaces website.