Hanex solid surface material has been manufactured by Korean based Hanwha L&C Corp since 1995. It is now available in Australia from XFLO Solid Surface Products .  

Hanex solid surface material provides a stylish, seamless finish and is ideal for any number of commercial and residential applications, including tabletops, stairs, shelving, splashbacks, integrated sinks and bowls, vanity tops, benchtops, splashbacks, basins, bathroom wall cladding and surrounds, and even furniture.  

Hanex solid surface material is made from a blend of acrylic resins and natural materials and can be cut, formed or shaped into a variety of designs. The Hanex solid surface range offers beauty, durability, aesthetics and a designer colour range.  

The products are non-porous and are certified NSF 51 for food preparation areas. They are heat resistant, scratch and stain resistant and stronger than stone. Another practical advantage is the fact that Hanex solid surface material can also be repaired and restored to its original condition if damaged in use.