Casa Montaña is a home in Asturias, Spain designed by architects Verónica Carreño and Fabio Trabanco for an English landscaper and his family in 2016.

Preferring an industrial look for their new home, the family sought to use materials that would help achieve their design goals while ensuring the building embraced its historical surroundings.

Fabricated in a period of four months at a factory in Madrid by Neoblock Modular, the house was transferred to its final location 600km away, across the Cantabrian mountain range where it was assembled in only 5 hours. The black slate roof was installed by a local craftsman.

A beautiful vertical exterior cladding from the Lunawood Thermowood range on the facade allowed the new home to naturally blend into the rural environment.

Casa Montaña was honoured with the German Häuser ‘The House of the Year’ Award and selected for the Spanish Architecture Biennial.

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Photos: Mariela Apollonio