Australia’s harsh climatic conditions demand that structures deliver top performance and durability with respect to withstanding exposure and weather. Timber is a commonly used, chemically-stable building material that will not succumb to deterioration due to age alone. However, it is critical to ensure that the performance and durability of the material is suitable for structural applications. In this context, glulam (glued laminated timber), with its improved performance  characteristics compared to traditional solid sections of modern plantation timbers, opens new opportunities for creating large open span designs.

Built to Last: A Specifier’s Guide to Weather-Exposed Engineered Structural Timber provides guidance on assessing structural timber products against performance and durability criteria to ensure they are fit for purpose and considers the advantages of structural glulam timber in challenging environmental conditions. We first look at the impact of timber treatments, dimensional stability, strength performance and bushfire resistance. We then look at the aesthetic considerations for exposed construction elements and how to minimise environmental impacts. Lastly, we discuss recent changes to the Chain of Custody standard (AS 4707:2014) and the timber preservation standards (AS/NZS 1604).

Wright Forest has led the Australian market in high quality timber and timber technologies for over 160 years. Representing several of Europe’s most prestigious timber processors and manufacturers, Wright Forest is a specialist importer and distributor of Nordic timbers nationally. With a broad catalogue that includes the flagship brands, Polkky® Giant, Raitwood®, Lunawood®, Permapine® and Luviawood® lines, Wright Forest offers a solution to suit any design application.

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