Concertina Foil Batts are placed between the rafters which replaces the bulk if there is depth in the roof cavity.The Anti-glare foil wrapped on the external walls are combined with fiber batts which make direct conduction along the inner Aluminium surface.The fiber batts stapled in the wall cavities are replaced by Concertina Foil Batts which allows the foil wrap to function and produce total thermal performance.

Concertina Foil Batts combined with Natural Ventilation and Ceiling fans reduces the refrigerative air-conditioning form of cooling. Concertina Foil Batts when placed between the roof rafters and wrapping foil batts around duct work which reduced the room outlet temperature from 19 C to 12 C and the air conditioner was working in good condition and helped in maintaining the thermostat temperature.

Renshade from Wren Industries is a perforated Aluminium Foil Holland Blinds which provides see through insulation for Windows . Renshade is ideal for Windows and prevents the radiating heat.Whether it be solar, reflected heat or ambient air temperature blinds offers 85% reduction in heat flow reducing the requirements of air conditioners,internal blinds and curtains.

Renshade is simple and can be removed or rolled easily and can be put away until next hot spell or can be placed in position till the duration of next summer .Wren's Renshade comes in two rolls sizes-1350mm X 5mm and 1350mm X 10mm.

Wren Industries are also a member of Aluminium Foil Insulation Association formed during 1998 which promotes highest use of foil insulation in Building design.