Woven Image  specialise in producing textiles and drapery which can be used as curtains or as upholstered fabrics for furniture.  

One of Woven Image's textile designs is its Expression drapery, which has a unique circle and spiral design. 

Key benefits and features of the Expression drapery include: 

  • made of 100% Avora FR polyester
  • comes in light pastel yellow, blues and greens with grey tones
  • width of fabric is 137cm
  • has been NFPA 701 Test 1 fire tested for safety
  • vacuuming and or brushing frequently will help maintain quality of the drapery

Common uses for the Expression drapery include: 

  • commercial Upholstery Seating 
  • outdoor Upholstery Seating 
  • wall coverings 
  • soft furnishings 
  • screens and panels 
  • curtains