Now available from Woven Image , the KnollTextiles Grammar Collection is a series of three wallcoverings by Abbott Miller, a partner in the international design firm, Pentagram.

Language acts as the visual backdrop for interories displaying these three wall coverings, Filter, Switch and Merge, as each pattern is based on a series of overlapping or intermingling letters, all reflecting Miller's expertise in typography. This is Miller's first surface material for commercial application.

This collection of wall coverings, loosely named after a 19th century historical text on typography entitled The Grammar of Ornament, inverts this classic theme and instead demonstrates the decorative beauty of language, or the ornament of grammar.

"I was seeking a contemporary interpretation of ornament, one not reliant on classic historic motifs - why not surround ourselves with language?," said Miller.

"This is an appropriate theme for any room where there is conversation."

Merge, the largest scale wallcovering, is a bold study in overlapping type, walking the line between legibility and illegibility.

As with Merge, the Filter design is formed by overlapping many letters to create a pattern, the result being a lace-like pattern that acts as a kind of veil for walls.

Both Merge and Filter have a white background, so the patterns read as if light is transmitting through them.

And finally, the Switch wallcovering design is created with a single "I"; and celebrates the vertical components of typography.

The colour palettes for these wallcoverings, developed in collaboration with KnollTextiles creative director Dorothy Cosonas, range from the bold, graphic palette of Merge, to the sophisticated colors of Filter, to the fresh and tranquil palette of Switch.