Fires in server rooms, data centres or around other sensitive electronic equipment need to be dealt with carefully as sometimes the solution can be just as damaging as the fire itself. Now there is a solution in the unique Sapphire MRI fire extinguisher from Wormald .

This 6kg MRI fire extinguisher uses a sustainable chemical agent that is electrically non-conductive to reduce the risk of damaging sensitive equipment. It leaves no messy residue and requires no clean-up.

Thanks to it's completely non-magnetic stainless steel shell, and non-magnetic valve, hose and nozzle, the Sapphire MRI fire extinguisher is can be safely used in an MRI room.

The result of installing these MRI fire extinguishers is lower repair bills and less impact on business due to significantly reduced repair times. Moreover, unlike some chemical agents which last in the atmosphere for more than three decades, Sapphire lasts for just five days, making it a win for the environment too.

Sapphire MRI fire extinguishers are effective against fires involving:

  • Class A - paper, textiles, wood, most plastics and rubber
  • Class E - electrically energised equipment.