Worldstone introduces a new range of Italian handcrafted bricks that traces its history back to the Roman Empire.

Recently released in the Australian market, the Romano brick is an established and popular product in the UK and Europe. Commonly used in buildings, roadways and aqueducts in ancient times, these elongated bricks were revived for their attractive style and versatility, and transformed with all the qualities that a high-end build would expect from a contemporary product.

Measuring an unusual size of 500mm x 100mm x 40mm, Romano bricks are available in several finishes and a broad colour palette. The highly versatile brick can be used as a structural building product or sliced to a thinner tile and installed in decorative wall cladding applications.

Romano bricks are available in Aqua, Standard and Terra finishes.

The Aqua features a water-washed texture with the particular imperfections obtained during the moulding process.

The Standard range uses a soft mud technology to produce two different outcomes – the Standard, which is smooth, and the Selmo featuring a fine finish. Several colours are available in this range.

The Terra has a special surface and texture, with the clay expressed in a hardened appearance to give a ceramic-like finish. Terra is also available in various colours.

The Romano range is produced to order with each batch entirely bespoke in its composition.

Image: Romano brick in a cladding application