Woodtex Australia  offers all weather noise absorber panels for use as sound barriers, noise walls and noise fences in high traffic areas.

The M2 Motorway cuts through Sydney from Blacktown to Epping while the M5 runs from Liverpool to the International Airport.

In both instances, the motorway runs through densely populated residential areas that demand relief from the relentless high sound levels of 24-hour traffic in both directions.

While the basic noise wall is made of Hebel aerated concrete to heights of up to 8.0m, these walls tend to reflect the sound in the opposite direction. This bouncing of sound leads to elevated sound pressure levels on the opposite side, while also lending to amplified noise levels at street level.

Motorway or rail noise walls need to have an absorbent surface to remove the sound reflection.

Woodtex all weather noise absorber panels are always the preferred option due to their extreme durability and low cost.

Woodtex noise absorber panels are available in a standard size of 2400mm x 600mm and can be mechanically fixed to the Hebel (or concrete) noise wall.

Highly UV-resistant and dimensionally stable, Woodtex all weather noise absorber panels are available in three thicknesses of 25mm, 38mm and 50mm to suit specific noise absorption requirements.

Woodtex is considered vandal-proof due to its high impact resistance and has a dull absorbing surface that is not appealing to graffiti vandals since paint does not stand out prominently.

Woodtex is also used as noise walls, noise barriers and noise fences adjacent to rail corridors, which experience similar sound level problems as motorways and highways.