Woodhouse Weatherproof from Woodhouse Timber Company is a range of environmentally friendly, timber building products manufactured for outdoor use in all structural and decorative applications. 

Woodhouse Weatherproof is supplied pre-finished with a pink primer, making it ready for installation and final painting with a topcoat.  Woodhouse Weatherproof is manufactured from a renewable and environmentally considerate plantation of softwood in New Zealand radiata pine, and is available in a variety of lengths and profiles to suit individual projects. 

Treated against pest and fungal attacks with the latest in LOSP (Light Organic Solvent Preservative) chemical preservation technology, Woodhouse Weatherproof is guaranteed to perform in its intended end use. Woodhouse Weatherproof is a lightweight, durable construction solution that requires little maintenance.

Woodhouse Weatherproof offers an ideal substitute for other structural systems where a high quality, premium finish is needed and is non-corrosive over time.