Woodhouse Perimeter from Woodhouse Timber Company is a range of finger jointed, Gesso pre-coated mouldings for internal applications. Made from solid timber, the factory applied Gesso coating makes Woodhouse Perimeter ready for final finishing. In general, Woodhouse Perimeter requires a single coat of premium oil-based or acrylic (water-based) paint to produce a high quality finish.  

The timber used to manufacture Woodhouse Perimeter is naturally termite and decay resistant, making it suitable for all internal applications including wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.    

Woodhouse Perimeter offers a range of features and benefits including:  

  • Perimeter Pre-coated with a Gesso primer, enabling a single-coat final finish in most instances (final finish may vary according to topcoat quality and thickness of application)
  • Manufactured from timber from the Cypress family that is naturally resistant to termite attack and rot/decay
  • Finger-jointed and kiln dried to create a straight and stable moulding
  • Available in 5.4 metre lengths
  • Lightweight and durable alternative moulding solution
  • Drilled, cut and nailed like other internal fixout mouldings
  • Can be installed with typical finishing gun T-nails/Brads, in addition to conventional hammer driven fixings
  • Holes or defects can be filled with a timber filler/putty prior to painting