WoodSolutions: Design and Build presents a two-page guide that provides information and advice on correct storage practices for timber to minimise moisture issues.

Titled ‘Reduce Moisture Issues by Storing Timber Correctly’, this document covers wood, timber products and moisture content, and provides guidance on handling moisture-affected timber.

Structural and appearance grade timber products sold in Australia are generally kiln dried during manufacture to a specific moisture content. This is particularly important as kiln dried timber is stronger, more stable, and less prone to mould or decay – providing a product that will effectively last indefinitely in a properly designed and maintained structure.

To ensure this, it is helpful to understand the role of moisture content in your timber products.

The guide also covers moisture management as a critical part of using timber or recovering from flood damage, and important information about moisture-affected timber.

Recent extreme rainfall in Queensland and New South Wales has created conditions in which timber products may become affected by moisture.

To minimise damage to timber and wood products, download WoodSolutions’ new guide describing potential moisture problems in timber storage and their resolution.