WoodSolutions has introduced a new resource to provide design guidance on the use of timber building systems during the construction of aged care facilities.

The increase in Australia’s ageing population is driving demand for new aged care accommodation. The Aged Care Financing Authority reported that “an additional 74,000 new beds will be required over the coming decade to meet the needs of an ageing Australia”.

Using timber building systems in the construction of new aged care facilities is expected to achieve significant cost savings among many other benefits. However, people involved in design and construction mostly lack the experience and knowledge required to gain from these benefits. The new WoodSolutions Design Guide provides timber-based design and construction solutions that meet the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Aged care (Class 9c) buildings are generally low to mid-rise in height making them ideally suited to timber construction. The regulatory requirements for this building classification differ from apartments (Class 2) and hotels (Class 3), which are covered in other WoodSolutions Guides.

The new Guide 42 – Building Code of Australia Deemed to Satisfy Solutions for Timber Aged Care Buildings (Class 9c) provides information and options for BCA compliance using timber structural systems for Class 9c buildings. It covers fire and acoustic requirements and provides timber-based design and construction solutions.

According to Eileen Newbury, WoodSolutions Program Manager and National Marketing and Communications Manager for Forest and Wood Products Australia, Guides 42 and 28 Rethinking Aged Care Construction – Consider Timber represent an essential toolbox that will help developers, designers and builders understand how building in timber translates into time, cost and sustainability efficiencies as well as health benefits.

From a design approach, Guide 42 presents three distinct timber building solutions: lightweight timber frames, post and beam, and solid timber panels (such as Cross Laminated Timber or Laminated Veneer Lumber).

The new Guide and the rest of the 40+ titles in the WoodSolutions Design Guide library are available for free download.