Australian Forestry Standard Ltd officially announces the change in their name to Responsible Wood.

The change to Responsible Wood reflects the company’s commitment to implementing a clear consumer-focused strategy about the sustainability of certified Australian wood products.

Dr Hans Drielsma, Chair of Responsible Wood explains that the new name, Responsible Wood, and shield logo, reflect the transformational change at the organisation as they begin to proactively raise awareness and understanding of their certification scheme and drive demand for Australian certified wood and wood products.

Observing that they remain committed to their core function as a standards development organisation and scheme owner, Dr Drielsma said that the new name and logo not only demonstrate what they stand for but also clearly communicate their vision to ensure Australia’s forests, and the products sourced from them, are recognised as being among the most sustainable in the world.

The rebranding exercise was preceded by an extensive consultation program undertaken over the past 18 months with their members, certificate holders and the broader timber and paper sectors as well as retailers, specifiers, sustainability practitioners and consumers. A key objective was to better understand the status of the sector, consumer attitudes and the strategic direction it should take to build on the success of its 15 years of operation.

The name and brand change is the result of this consultation and underpins a focused strategy to raise awareness and understanding of Responsible Wood certification.

As part of the change, Responsible Wood has introduced a new website as well as communications tools, which can be accessed by visiting the link below.