Wonderful Kitchens  recently created a kitchen design with a shapeliness that provides both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Overlooking water, the previous kitchen needed a rework to make the most of the stunning views. With existing convex glass, the owners wanted a kitchen that complemented the current architecture without detracting from it.

The old kitchen took up a lot of the floor area and was described as being heavy and tired. The metallic gloss polyurethane cabinets and granite workbench were dated and the owners desired a more contemporary kitchen design to suit the rest of their home.

Wonderful Kitchen created a kitchen with clean lines and a simple, uncluttered design, giving the room more modern appeal. Floor-to-ceiling columns provided a stately feel that the hub of the home deserves.

The kitchen design featured a curved bench that constitutes much of the preparation area, while the sink at its centre allows for a gazing view out the window. The main cooking area is located on the island at the centre of the room.

This kitchen design has used every available space to its maximum, with storage found throughout. Large overhead cabinets can be found above the oven and next to a large pantry. Cupboards have also been built into the island bench while soft-close drawers provide the perfect ergonomic alternative to what would otherwise be cluttered, hard-to-access cabinets under the curved bench.

All aspects of this kitchen design have been clearly thought through to ensure it is easy on the eye as well as practical. From the mood lighting to durable, thick panels, this kitchen will look and work well for years to come.