Blum kitchen products have been engineered to offer trouble-free performance for the lifetime of the kitchen furniture, which is approximately 20 years. Blum kitchen furniture is available from Wonderful Kitchens .

The kitchen furniture has been studied and monitored in real working environments and testing labs for numerous years. The results are then incorporated into the manufacture and development of the kitchen fittings. This enables the development of kitchen furniture that is customised specifically to the needs of kitchen users.

Blum's kitchen furniture products are subjected to heavy loads in everyday use and these situations are simulated in testing labs. As in everyday life, fully loaded drawers and pull-outs are opened and closed up to 100,000 times. The durability of a hinge is tested using 200,000 door movements. Lift systems are opened and closed in the testing lab 80,000 times.

Further information on Blum’s kitchen furniture can be obtained from Wonderful Kitchens.