Winterstone  has released a range of Australian made, high quality garden products and water features. The collection includes bird baths, pots and planter boxes. Each product is custom made to suit the specifications of the customer and can be finished in one of four different colours including Charcoal, White, Light Stone and Sydney Stone.  

There are four products in the water feature range including three different styled bird baths and one garden water feature. Bird Bath 01 is 730 mm high, 580 mm wide and 250 deep, and features a decorative base and scalloped edges around the bath. The Bird Bath 02 is slightly larger at 850 mm high and 770 mm wide. It features a more simple design with simple base and large scalloped bath edges. The Bird Bath 03 is more contemporary with a thick base and plain edged bath. The Water Feature GF30 has a variable height, and is 1200 mm wide and deep. It features a large stone pool with a hexagonal water feature in the centre.  

Nine contemporary and traditional styled pots feature in the garden products range. Pot GF17 is completely plain with no decorative features, while GF06 has an ornate vine and leaf pattern on the sides. The GF14 has a modern geometric shape with lattice detail, and the GF16 has a simple design with ornate striped design on the sides. There are two different planter boxes available in the Winterstone range. The first is the GF01 which is a long rectangular stone model with ornate striped detailing and an oval shape in the centre. The second is the GF05 which has a simple, contemporary design which makes it very versatile. Both planter boxes are available in a number of different sizes.