One of the primary challenges for architects in building design is to ensure windows and doors maintain the integrity of the interior environment by meeting the established national standards for energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

The rising energy cost combined with a growing sensitivity for the environment is encouraging all stakeholders in the construction industry from developers, architects and specifiers to property and home owners to incorporate energy saving design elements in buildings. Similarly, the acoustic performance of the building is an important objective of the design and material specification processes to ensure a better quality of life for occupants by minimising noise infiltration and transmission.

Established Australian company Wintec Systems has been addressing the needs of the architecture and building industry with a complete range of Standards-compliant aluminium window and door products designed to meet the required function, style and performance objectives.

Wintec’s Australian designed, manufactured and tested aluminium windows and doors combine advanced design technology with high quality seals and hardware components to meet the industry’s expectations for energy efficiency, acoustic performance and weather proofing, while also improving their buildings’ green ratings.

Energy-efficient design

Wintec’s high performance aluminium windows and doors are designed to reduce the heating and cooling costs of buildings by almost eliminating air infiltration and water penetration. Heat enters or escapes the building through gaps and cracks around sashes and frames. WERS-rated windows must meet Australian Standard AS 2047-1999 for air infiltration performance. Wintec’s windows and doors exceed this standard, with air leakage rates of less than 0.5 litres per second per square metre of window area. Wintec achieves this exceptional performance through the use of high quality window and door seals.

Additionally, the hollow aluminium extrusions in Wintec’s windows and doors improve energy efficiency, water penetration resistance and structural rigidity. A baffle in the frame’s drainage system allows water to flow out but restricts airflow, reducing potential energy loss through the drain holes.

Acoustic performance

Wintec’s aluminium windows and doors meet acoustic design objectives to improve the indoor environment by successfully mitigating noise from external sources. Results of tests conducted at the National Acoustic Laboratory in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1191 indicate the excellent acoustic performance of Wintec’s windows and doors. Air leakage tests have also been conducted in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4420.4 in Wintec’s in-house NATA registered laboratory. The airtight design of the Wintec range contributes to this acoustic performance, enhancing indoor comfort.

Wintec’s in-house Window & Door Test Laboratory

Wintec supports ongoing research and development of its high performance aluminium doors and windows with an in-house laboratory constructed to the stringent guidelines of the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), and accredited to perform tests to the relevant Australian Standards AS 2047 and AS 4420. Manufacturing to these standards ensures all Wintec products are compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

Wintec’s range

Wintec’s range of aluminium windows includes sliding windows, face fix sliding windows, double glazed sliding windows, double hung windows, awning and casement windows, face fix awning windows, heavy duty awning windows, face fix casement windows, heavy duty casement windows and louvre windows.

Wintec’s aluminium doors include sliding doors, face fix sliding doors, multi-track sliding doors, heavy duty sliding doors, hinged doors, and bi-fold doors.

Stylish aesthetics, security features, high quality sealing, superior strength and double glazing (in some models) are a few of the benefits of Wintec’s aluminium windows and doors. The 7-year product warranty on the entire Wintec range provides the assurance of long-term quality and performance.

Find out how Wintec’s Australian made aluminium windows and doors can improve your building’s green ratings and lower costs through enhanced energy efficiency and acoustic performance.

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