Windoor  manufactures extensive range of windows and doors using high quality timber. It utilizes natural resources for making the products. Windoor widely uses timber to make the windows and doors, because it is a most efficient insulator. The timber is organic in nature and it requires minimum amount of energy for the manufacturing process. The energy consumption is less, when compared with aluminium and PVC. The amount of heat loss or gain is less through the timber windows, when compared with the aluminium windows.

Windoor widely uses the Western Red Cedar timber for the manufacture of windows and doors. The unique properties of this type of timber compared with other softwood species makes it the ideal choice for making windows and doors. The Western Red Cedar has enhanced resistance towards decay, moisture and insect decay. The natural durability, extraordinary beauty and dimensional stability of this timber makes it suitable for the internal and external uses.

Windoor gives much importance to the environment. It focuses on the recycling of timber and glass. It uses recycled materials for the manufacture of windows and doors like the Oregon and Blackbutt. It also emphasize on minimum electricity consumption. It recycles the glass offcuts and uses the wood shavings as fertilizers and animal bedding.