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    Winco Systems Highlight Advantages of Natural Ventilation Over Mechanical Ventilation Systems

    Winco Systems

    People need fresh air, natural light and pleasant temperatures. However, in many modern buildings these needs cannot be adequately catered for. The reasons for these are building shell, which prevents a natural exchange of air. This is compounded by factors such as increased thermal stress due to extensive glass areas and modern office equipment.

    According to Winco Systems , natural ventilation uses natural, freely available energy sources and thermal effects to create a healthy atmosphere and enables controlled exchange of air due to the intelligent control of fa├žade windows and ventilation flaps.

    In comparison with conventional mechanical ventilation systems, automatic ventilation offers the following advantages:

    • A stimulating room atmosphere, which the user can control
    • Lower investment costs
    • Lower energy consumption
    • Reduction of installation and maintenance costs
    • Less CO² emissions

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