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    Lift Smoke Control systems available from Winco Systems

    Winco Systems

    The Lift Smoke Control (LSC) system, available from Winco Systems , consists of a smoke exhaust control panel that is equipped with an emergency generator and an integrated smoke suction system for the detection of smoke gas in the lift shaft.

    The LSC system is specially designed for use in lift shafts and works on the principle of constant air monitoring. The air sucked in is examined by the smoke suction system (early detection) with regard to the concentration of smoke gas.

    In the event of fire, an alarm is immediately activated and the smoke exhaust flap at the top of the shaft - driven by an electric motor - opens so that the smoke and toxic gases can escape unhampered and as quickly as possible.

    A smoke detector should not be used inside a lift shaft as it is too dusty for that application; the LSC system resolves this issue.

    In case of fire in the building, smoke in the lift shaft is detected at an early stage by a smoke suction system, which monitors the entire shaft. The fume outlet in the upper area of the lift shaft is opened by an electric motor. The smoke can then escape unhindered.

    In addition to triggering the smoke exhaust function, LSC system gives a signal to the lift control which takes the lift to the pre-determined evacuation level, generally the main entrance area which is also monitored by a smoke alarm. When this smoke alarm goes off, the lift is diverted to the second evacuation level. This guarantees a safe emergency exit in case of fire.

    The LSC system has a ’VdS-recognised smoke exhaust master appliance’ and a ’VdS-recognised smoke suction system’.

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