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    KA34/54 BSY chain drives available from Winco Systems

    Winco Systems

    Winco Systems  offer KA34/54 BSY chain drives. The chain drive, with its Electronic Bus Synchronisation, is capable of driving up to 8 actuators, completely synchronised.

    In case a motor gets excess amounts of pressure, the whole group of drives stops to protect the window wing and glass. It is applicable for wide and weighty window wings.

    Following are the features of KA34/54 BSY chain drives:

    • Can be used for smoke exhaust and natural ventilation
    • Individual programmable
    • Push/pull force up to 500N per drive
    • Large stroke lengths up to 1300mm

    The KA34/54 BSY chain drive is also equipped with D+H Mechatronics patented Back Stiff Chain, so that the chain does not bend and is always perpendicular to the window wing.

    This drive was recently used in a Building called King St Wharf (Sydney) currently occupied by the Macquarie Bank. A total of 120 drives were delivered and installed and used for smoke exhaust ventilation, in groups of 3.

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