Decorative laminates specialist Wilsonart presents the AEON Enhanced Performance range that delivers unique wear characteristics without compromising design flexibility. Recommended for both residential and commercial design applications, the decorative surfaces offer a broad palette of colours and finishes from satin to high-gloss, and timber grain to quarry.

Wilsonart AEON Enhanced Performance decorative laminates are engineered to provide a measurably harder and stronger material for long-lasting durability in any design application. Aluminium particles in the surface coat result in a laminate that is 3-5 times more durable than standard, with a smooth finish on which objects can glide across easily.

AEON Enhanced Performance laminates are also available in a series of High-Definition (HD) finishes in gloss, satin, rough and smooth, taking high pressure laminates to a whole new level.

Key advantages of AEON Enhanced Performance laminates include unique strength and wear resistance making them ideal for use in high-wear areas, both horizontally and vertically; 15-year limited warranty for peace of mind; and choice of 85 unique options carried in stock across Australia.

AEON Enhanced Performance is made exclusively by Wilsonart and is available in Wilsonart Laminates.

Image: A Wilsonart AEON Enhanced Performance laminate kitchen