Wilson Hot Water Systems  supplies a range of boiling water units, hot water urns, commercial and industrial water heaters, heat pump hot water units, header tanks in Australia. Since its inception in 1930 Wilson Hot Water Systems has been providing quality products to its clients all over Australia.

The Electronic Cuppa and the Havva~Cuppa models of Boiling Water Units from Wilson Hot Water Systems come in 14 models with capacities ranging from 2.5 litre/15 cups to the all new commercial sized 60 litre/360 cup capacity units.

The DHWB03 is the smallest model in the Havva~Cuppa range of boiling water units. The DHWB03 has a storage capacity of 2.5 litres and a tank made of stainless steel. The CHWB60*4.8 features a storage capacity of 60 litres and has a tank made of copper. All the Havva~Cuppa models from Wilson Hot Water Systems are completely made in Australia.

The Quickie from Wilson Hot Water Systems Electronically Controlled Boiling fresh Hot Water Unit and is an economic solution for applications that require a constant supply of boiling fresh hot water.

Some of the other products that Wilson Hot Water Systems manufactures and supplies include udder washers, commercial storage vessels, commercial water heater, floor and ceiling models of electric domestic water heaters, heat exchange coils, electric circulators and sink heaters.