Wholesale Appliances , a group of Italian appliance manufacturers, designs kitchen appliances. The parent company of Wholesale Appliance, Max faro, is the original equipment manufacturer of many appliances in Italy. Max faro has set up the appliance range for a number of Australian kitchen appliance companies over the years. They have also designed and manufactured some of the most innovative products on the market.

Max faro's latest oven design has been distributed throughout Italy, Scandinavia and France. Max faro specialises in the elite market and also sources the latest and most cost effective products to complete the kitchen range.

Apart from wholesale to retailers, Wholesale Appliances now offers the products directly to the end user through the internet. Wholesale Appliances offers ovens, stoves, cook tops, range hoods, canopy with halogen lights, dishwashers, BBQ and pizza ovens, sinks, taps and customised packages. Other products include coffee makers, vanity products and trolleys.

Instead of providing similar matching brands on kitchen appliances, Wholesale Appliances offers help by providing aesthetically matching kitchen appliances. Some of the new products from Wholesale Appliances include innovative kitchen bins for easy garbage disposal and zip hydro taps that eliminate the need for kettles and water filtration.