Whittle Waxes presents Hardwax Oil, a natural water-resistant professional surface coating product for all interior timber surfaces with complete safety assurance for humans, pets and plants.

Suitable for floors, benchtops and doors as well as stone, marble, engineered and cork floors, Whittle Waxes Hardwax Oil surface coating also delivers efficient performance in damp settings such as bathrooms and kitchens as well as professional environments such as children’s nurseries and hospitals.

An open-pored, moisture regulating and colourless surface coating product for wood and cork surfaces, Whittle Waxes Hardwax Oil is strongly water repellent, and exhibits resilience against common food spills and household chemicals as per DIN 68861.-1C requirements.

The surface finish is also considered safe for humans, animals and plants after drying and complies with DIN 53160 and EN 71 for children’s toys. The product does not contain biocidal substances or preservatives.

Whittle Waxes Hardwax Oil is available in Matte and Classic finishes.

What are hardwaxes?

Hardwaxes are highly effective surface coatings predominantly manufactured and used in Europe. Made from natural plant oils and waxes that have been used for centuries for timber protection, hardwaxes have high coverage rates in the 20-30m² per litre range.

The active ingredients in the hardwaxes are distributed in a carrier medium that evaporates upon application, leaving the waxes to form a hard protective film on the surface with non-static, water-repellent and easily cleaned properties. Being micro-porous, hardwaxes allow timber to breathe.

Hardwaxes are compliant with the EU standards for VOC emissions, Environment and Sustainability. Hardwaxes involve a simple two coat application, and can be sprayed, rolled, painted on or applied using a machine.