Whittle Waxes presents Hardwax Oil, a unique water resistant surface coating product formulated for use on various interior timber surfaces to get a high quality, beautiful finish naturally.

Made from natural plant oils, Hardwax Oil does not pose any risk to humans or the environment. Containing no pollutants with just minimal amounts of the least aggressive solvents available, the timber finish is recommended for those prone to allergies.

Developed to meet the specific requirements of Australian timbers, the quality German manufactured Hardwax Oil offers high coverage rates of 20 – 30m² per litre depending on the timber species. The easy 2-coat application can be rolled, brushed or sprayed on, and the coated surface is ready for use in just 24 hours.

Key advantages of Hardwax Oil include micro-porous coating allowing the timber to breathe; durable and easily maintained surface with water-resistant, dirt-resistant and anti-static properties; anti-bacterial, and food- and toy-safe; free from aromatics; with the proper application techniques will not flake, blister, peel or yellow; spot repairable, no need to completely re-sand to repair or replenish; only simple maintenance coat required in future care applications; and no ‘grain raise’ on application.