Colour in the garden is always a good thing and for those of us with small courtyards or balconies, or those of us who want to keep gardening and/or watering to a minimum, a container is the way to go.

An environmentally friendly way of doing this is updating an existing or redundant item such as an old wheelbarrow or bath, old pot plant holder or tub.

The wheelbarrow can be given a bright new look by spraying a single coat of White Knight Paint’s Rust Guard in Flame Red finish which would seal, prime and top-coat the wheelbarrow in a single coat (once the rust had been removed with a wire brush).

Rust Guard comes in 20 colours from bright primaries such as red and yellow to the standard black, white and aluminium.

Any surface, indoors or out, treated with Rust Guard, will carry a tough, high gloss finish that will withstand the harsh elements of the Australian climate for many years to come.

Rust Guard is available in a brush on form (which is touch dry in two to four hours) and an aerosol can (which is touch dry in just an hour). The latter is ideal for protecting those small, intricate areas such as wrought iron and lattice work.

Rust Guard’s coverage is good, with one litre of brush-on Rust Guard covering 10 - 14 square metres (depending on surface porosity and film thickness) and 1 to 1.5m per 310gm spray can.

The two planters in the background were originally a white laminate finish but these were totally transformed by spraying one in two coats of Metal Guard Copper and the other in Squirts Gum Grey.

Metal Guard is a high quality, easy to use metallic finish that gives a rich antique finish to most surfaces. Metal Guard is touch dry in only 10 minutes and once completely dry is durable and non-tarnishing.

Squirts is also a spray on paint that is quick drying and hard wearing. Squirts can be used on most surfaces and comes in a choice of 50 colours in a high gloss finish and eight in a satin finish, both are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.