Squirts Gloss enamels from Taubmans White Knight Paints has more than 50 current season colours from mocca, limestone, violet and chocolate brown to soft orange, fuscia, lavender and summer lilac.

Squirts is a novice-friendly paint that comes in a spray can and will cover practically any clean, dry surface with a professional, high gloss finish. Superb for updating individual items of furniture or accessories as well as revamping entire rooms, Squirts colour range is specifically designed to work with current homewares trends.

In the bedroom pictured, blue was chosen as the main colour theme, with accents of apple green and warm white. First the bedside tables were given a lift with two coats of Squirts Sky Blue. The bedhead was made from a sheet of MDF, cut to size and large holes drilled in it in uniform rows.It was primed first with White Knights’ MDF Primer and then given two coats of Squirts in Lace.

To catch an eyecatching and affordable art work, a large canvas was sprayed in the same Squirts Lace as the bedhead, then rows of coloured circles - to mirror the holes in the bedhead, were added in Squirts Powder Blue, Sky Blue, Midnight and Apple. Finally, to pull the room together, the feature wall behind the bedhead and table was painted in a broad wall acrylic paint two steps lighter than the bedside table.

Source: Building Products News.