Taubmans White Knight Paints has released Ultra Pave, a water-based concrete and concrete paving paint that is said to outperform any solvent-based alternative.

Developed locally and the first of its kind, the new paint is claimed to halve the time taken to prepare and complete the application process while lasting a much as five times longer than its solvent-based predecessor.

Ultra Pave is an advanced acrylic formulation specifically designed for interior and exterior floors, driveways, concrete pavers and masonry walls and is available in a palette of 65 colours.

Also suitable for timber and pre-painted surfaces with either water-based or oil-based finishes, Ultra Pave dries toa slip-resistant, colour-fast satin finish. No primer is required - two coats need simply be applied to the correctly prepared surface.

Ultra Pave’s palette of colours enables an entire courtyard - floor and walls - to be treated in complementary or monochromatic colour schemes. The inclusion of a range of saturated colours - from rich earth reds to deep flinty blues and chocolately browns - is a great inclusion for feature walls and focal points.

Source: Building Products News.