Bristol, part of Barlow World , has released Nouveau, a rich, flat matt colour for family-friendly walls that can be kept clean with just a wipe of a cloth.

Until now, homeowners with children or high traffic areas such as hallways and rumpus rooms have been advised to use low sheen or satin paint if they want to maintain clean walls. However, with the advent of Nouveau, there is a superior ultra flat acrylic paint that resists most stains and can be wiped clean.

Nouveau can be tinted to the most saturated colours in the colour spectrum and its high performance and durability have been specifically designed for all interior walls, particularly high traffic area. It will resist most household stains including food smears, fingerprints, dirt and grime.

Nouveau is available in two, four, 10 and 15L cans and can be tinted to any of the more than 2000 Bristol colours.

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