Whelan Industries has designed and manufactured large capacity water boilers that are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. Thermal Tap under sink boiler systems feature a three year warranty on the heating tank and tap body, and a one year warranty on the electrical element, temperature control card and ceramic disc.

Thermal Tap boilers are one of the best choices for providing boiling water underneath sinks. It can boil water to 98 degrees Celsius and can produce up to 60 250 millilitre cups per use. A number of safety features are also offered including anti-flood tap design and a pressure limiting valve.

Standard features and additional extras of the Thermal Tap under sink boiler systems include:

  • Lever handle
  • Extended tap body
  • 24 hours/7 day programmable timer
  • Water purifying filter
  • Not tundish necessary
  • Extensive handle colour range

The boiler systems are designed to contain water within one degree Celsius of boiling point at all times when in operation, and provide solid state temperature controls.