Whelan Industries  began its operations in 60s for manufacturing SL series of patented boiling units. Whelan Industries manufactures boiling water units of wall-mountable and Under sink model.

Whelan Industries produces a wide range of products from traditional to sophisticated models. Whelan products have a simple and elegant design, and they are easy to maintain. Whelan Industries launched its Whelan Thermal Tap in 1989 which was a undersink boiling unit with huge capacity.

To meet the customers expectations, Whelan Industries has manufactured units with even larger capacity.

Whelan Thermal tap dispense 98 degree water, also having a capacity of about 60-250ml cups. Tundish is not needed and comes in wide range of coloured lever handle.

Whelan Industries’ new product, twin tap series-2 is designed to flow either chilled or boiling, filtered water from a single tap.

Twin tap series-2 maintains the water temperature of 98 degrees and has an anti-flood design tap.

Twin tap series-2 also has child safe interlock button, pressure limiting valves and a dual filter check valve. The twin tap series -2 comes in differing unit sizes to suit different needs and is affordable.