Wesbeam specialises in the production of laminated veneer lumber (LVL) made from a new generation timber with origins in Portugal. As the only producer of LVL that is Australian owned and manufactured, Wesbeam relies on Maritime Pine (or Pinus Pinaster) as their raw timber resource.


This timber is a softwood that grows faster than hardwood and is up to 20% denser than Radiata Pine, resulting in more strength. Wesbeam can produce LVL of greater span with increased load bearing capacity than any other manufacturer in Australia or New Zealand. All Wesbeam products offer peak performance, strength and reliability.

Chain of Custody Certification

Wesbeam ensures that the timber used to manufacture LVL is not only the best they can source, but is also harvested from sustainably managed forest resources. All Wesbeam LVL products come with full Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Chain of Custody Certification.

What this certification means to customers is that they can be confident the raw material used to produce Wesbeam’s LVL can be tracked every step of the way, from the sustainably-managed forest where the timber was grown through to its end use in an LVL product.

Given the increasing focus on the environment, more projects are requiring the use of only certified timber materials. The Chain of Custody Certification enables architects, building designers and specifiers to specify Wesbeam LVL with confidence.

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