While pest protection is often considered after construction, detailing weep hole screens at the design stage can ensure ongoing pest protection for the life of the building.

With forethought many pest issues can be prevented, simultaneously reducing the need for chemical sprays, baits and trapping. Over the lifetime of a building this amounts to huge cost savings and improved environmental outcomes. Whilst the reduction in labour, chemicals and energy intensive inputs are large, this small component is often overlooked in projects that have excellent attention to detail in other areas.

Weep holes are a necessary component of all cavity brick buildings. Without the ventilation they provide, mildew, dry rot and damp reduce the life of the internal wall studs and other building materials within the wall cavity.

By specifying weep hole, screens architects and designers can prevent pests from entering and occupying the wall cavity. Weepa Products Technical Officer Mitch Flint said most people don’t realise there is a sustainable alternative to many of the costly pest treatments they’re using.

“There are other entry points to a building structure but it’s often the ones that go unnoticed by homeowners that cause the most issues.

“By detailing Weepas at the design stage and including them in construction, you are providing your clients with a cost-effective solution that works for the life of the building and is not reliant on ongoing maintenance and the use of chemical pesticides.”

The innovative Weepa Products range provides an attractive rodent and insect barrier for weep holes in masonry construction, while maintaining the important airflow and ventilation needed to maintain a building’s integrity.

In addition, weep holes are an entry point for embers in a bushfire, which can create an unseen fire within the wall or roof cavity. Screening them with metal mesh is now a requirement for all buildings constructed in bushfire prone areas. The Weepa range includes the High Performance Bushfire Weepa and Stainless Steel Weepa. When used in masonry construction they are compliant with AS3959:2009 for BAL-12.5, BAL-19, BAL-29, BAL-40 and in the case of the stainless steel Weepa, BAL FZ.

Installing Weepa weep hole screens during construction is easy. They are simply placed by the bricklayer in the perpend between bricks at specified intervals. Weepa weep hole screens can also be rendered around and painted over, with temporary mortar guards included, which are removed after the wall is finished.

Installing Weepa Products

There is a wide range of Weepas available for every application. For more details check out http://weepa.com.au/products/.

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