Webbcon  is a well established supplier of a range of metal products that find a wide variety of applications in the light engineering industry in Australia. Webbcon supplies quality sheet metal products to the Australian market.

The product range of Webbcon ranges from utility trays, utility canopies to a variety of other products manufactured from sheet metal. Webbcon specialises in the manufacture of a range of aluminium products. The use of quality raw materials while manufacturing the products ensures that customers receive products that last for a long time and serve the purpose that they are made for.

Currently Webbcon also stocks a wide range of camping gear and outdoor equipment. Webbcon manufactures a range of quality camper trailers. These camper trailers are custom manufactured as per the exact specifications provided by the clients. These camper trailers are ideal for going out on camping trips.

Webbcon specialises in the manufacture of a range of customised aluminium toolboxes and fabricated lockers that are meant for utilities and trucks. These toolboxes and lockers can be made as per the custom requirements of the clients.

These toolboxes from Webbcon come in standard sizes and layouts and are made of either aluminium or steel. The steel toolboxes can be spray painted or powder coated with the colour desired by the customer.