Architect Ian Jones specified Weathertex for the cladding work on the Medical Centre project in Bendigo.

Ian studied in Melbourne to be an architectural draftsman and also worked in the city for a number of years before moving to Bendigo in 1991. Working as a design draftsman in several architectural firms, he took on greater responsibilities at larger and more complicated projects.

He passed the National Program of Assessment, undertaken by the AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) in 2001 and was awarded the same level of education as a university student completing their Bachelor of Architecture. He subsequently sat his registration exams and qualified in 2002. He now operates his own business.

Ian chose to specify Weathertex weatherboards for the Medical Centre in Bendigo though a number of cladding options were available. After considering all options, he selected Weathertex timber cladding as it was easier, lighter and more flexible to work with; being a natural product, it also delivered energy efficiency.

The various options for material types and the competitive pricing were also key factors influencing his decision.

Ian is confident about specifying Weathertex for another project, and would recommend the product to a friend or colleague.

Weathertex is made in Australia by Weathertex Pty Ltd.