Weathertex is focussed on providing environmentally responsible cladding solutions to their customers.

Weathertex set a high bar with their Global GreenTag Certification, by being the first manufacturer globally to receive the highest ranking ‘Platinum’ score for their Natural Range. Global GreenTag’s globally trusted certification standards are recognised in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, South Africa, Africa and South East Asia as well as over 70 other countries.

Since their certification, Weathertex has continued to work with Global GreenTag to provide complete transparency with regard to their cladding products. The Product Health Declaration and Declare label inform consumers about the ingredients and risks in building products, assisting them in the decision-making process during the selection of products.

Weathertex’s efforts in their green journey have brought them several accolades including being named Architecture & Design’s #1 Most Trusted Brand for 2016.

Weathertex will continue to provide the best service and high-quality products to their customers, and play a crucial role in improving the sustainability of Australian construction products and practices.

To see just how committed Weathertex is, download this free infographic.