Weathertex has the unique honour of being the first cladding company to be part of the International Declare Label program in Australia.

Introduced to Australia in April 2017 by the Living Future Institute, Declare is a voluntary self-disclosure program that aims to transition the building materials industry towards healthier products through ingredient transparency.

Consumers and specifiers are increasingly seeking transparency in their building products including verifying the point of origin, understanding environmental impact, and satisfying themselves about the absence of toxic ingredients.

Observing that product transparency is extremely important, especially in the building industry, Jason O’Hagan, Managing Director for Weathertex explains that they provide their customers with third party product accreditations such as Global GreenTag certifications, Product Health Declarations (PhD), EPDs and now Declare Label. With Declare, you can be sure the material is sustainable and non-toxic.

Weathertex weatherboards and architectural panels are 100% natural with a better-than-zero carbon footprint, and made from 97% hardwood and 3% wax. The unique manufacturing process does not use any chemicals, glues or silicones.

The first manufactured product globally to receive Platinum GreenTag certification with a GreenRate Level A for their natural range as well as the first to get on board with Product Health Declaration (PhD) and now the Declare Program, Weathertex continues to lead the way in the field of sustainable building solutions and is committed to improving building practices and process in Australia and around the world.