Sydney-based design and construction company AAD Build uses Weathertex products in all of their builds for their ease of installation.

An award-winning company that has been recognised several times for sustainable construction and design since beginning operation in 2005, AAD Build works with a team of 10 full-time employees. A major accomplishment for AAD Build has been the development of a unique 3D software that allows them to show their clients the design of their home in a 3D format. Rubysketch was designed to make it easier for customers, builders and architects to understand how their houses look and go together.

AAD Build won the National Sustainable Design Award in 2010 and the Building Designers Association Design Award for Environmental Design.

The company was first introduced to the Weathertex brand at a hardware store where a Weathertex representative, Glenn Cairncross was making a presentation. AAD Build’s Andrew Dwight met with Glenn at a later date to find out more information about Weathertex products.

Andrew Dwight comments that he has had a positive and pleasant experience with Weathertex and has installed Weathertex products on every job for over 7 years; however he has been using Weathertex for over 15 years, and has specified it for more than 100 homes.

Listing out some of the main features and benefits of Weathertex products, Andrew Dwight says Weathertex is easy to use as there is no need for a special set of tools to cut the product; carpenters and builders can use their standard set of tools on Weathertex products. Weathertex is also extremely easy to install, and lightweight enough for one person to handle.

He noted that the installation process did not require silicones or adhesives, saving time for builders. The product has the potential to be cut indoors, which means the job can be completed quicker. Andrew Dwight is happy that brad nails can now be used with selected Weathertex products, allowing them to provide their clients with a seamless finish.

Very importantly, he is happy that Weathertex products are sustainable with a better than zero carbon footprint.

Weathertex offers a broad range of timber weatherboards, wall panels and exterior cladding.