Nero descaler tablets available from Weatherdon Corporation help descale kettles, irons or coffee machines by removing the scale build-up.  

Scaling is a perennial problem with household appliances that use mains water.  

Descaling tired-looking kettles or other household appliances is as easy as dropping one dissolvable tablet into the appliance and bringing it to boil. The appliance will look as good as new on the inside.  

In addition to improving the appearance of household appliances such as kettles, irons and coffee machines, Nero descaler tablets also ensure their optimum performance.  

Each pack of Nero descaler tablets contains six tablets.  

Key advantages of Nero descaler tablets: 

  • Removes scale build-up
  • Restores efficiency of the kettle, iron or coffee machine
  • Prolongs the life of the appliance
  • Ease of use