Weatherdon Hotel Supplies is now distributing a range of ironing boards for the hospitality market.

The current standard ironing board has a white coloured T leg design structure, which makes this board very stable. It comes complete with white iron caddy. The size of the actual board is 110cm L x 34cm W, with a silver Teflon cover with inbuilt foam for comfort when ironing.

This ironing board has a unique locking lever mechanism to prevent the board from collapsing. When the ironing board is folded up for storage, the size is 149cm L x 35cm W. This is Weatherdon Hotel Supplies’ best selling ironing board for the hospitality market. This ironing board is also a preferred product for many apartment and resort fit outs.

A range of ironing board covers in two sizes is also available: the standard size boards (110cm L x 32cm W) and larger size boards (122cm L x 38cm W). The foam and cover come as an all-in-one piece.

The new hospitality ironing board (pictured), which is soon to be released, features a special pull out iron caddy and a small sized top of 106cm x 33cm. This ironing board is 108L x 35Wcm when folded up for storage. It will be available in early February.