Weatherdon Hotel Supplies have supplied 4 and 5 Star hotels and guestrooms with an extensive range of accommodation supplies and hospitality equipment over the last 30 years.

They carry a quality range of wooden and satin padded coathangers. This coathanger collection caters for various wardrobe storage needs, ranging from Suit Hangers with 58mm shoulder ends to Luxury Hangers with 19mm shoulder ends. A 12mm thickness Standard Hanger option is also available.

This selection by Weatherdon Hotel Supplies comes in both a ‘male’ and ‘female’ option; the Male Style coathangers have a clear pvc non-slip rod cover to prevent clothes from slipping off and maximising wardrobe storage suitability. The Female Style coathangers come with metal skirt clips for added wardrobe storage convenience.

Weatherdon Hotel Supplies’ coathangers are also available in Pilfer Proof or Theft Proof Style hookless coathangers, which are ideal for wardrobe storage security purposes in apartments and hotel rooms. Metal security rings are placed inside the wardrobe, along the hanging rod and the wooden coathangers fit into the security rings attached to the rod. These wardrobe storage security solutions come in two styles; open or closed metal rings.

The closed security ring is fitted to the wardrobe rod during construction, whereas the open security ring can be fitted to the wardrobe rod later and closed with pliers.

These high quality coathangers come in an attractive light beech and dark mahogany wood finish and provide the perfect solution for a multiplicity of wardrobe storage requirements.