WE-EF LIGHTING Pty Ltd has introduced two new models to the ETC300 LED inground luminaires range. The addition of the ETC310-FS LED and ETC340-FS LED, the smallest and largest sizes, respectively, completes the ETC300 LED inground luminaire family.

Featuring a shallow housing (max. 200mm), ETC300 LED inground luminaires are recommended when the depth for flush installations is limited.

The small 6W ETC310-FS LED version with a 120mm diameter has an installation depth of just 125mm, while the large 36W ETC340-FS LED with a 300mm diameter has an installation depth of 200mm.

The ETC300 LED inground luminaire family comes with a wide range of optical accessories, including IO-20 LED wallwash and linear spread lenses. Key features also include IP67 rating to ensure long service life; 5CE superior corrosion protection system; durable weatherproof sealing; and advanced LED thermal management.