Since acquiring the paint brand in 2010, global paint giant Valspar has managed to put the Wattyl brand back on top with a complete range of coatings available for major protective commercial/architectural projects. Protective coating systems are generally selected in order to perform two main functions. Their primary role is to provide asset protection, and then, if necessary their role is to provide aesthetic appeal. The selection of the optimum coating therefore revolves around selecting and maintaining the right balance between these two functions. The ability to look good and stay that way requires a level of performance beyond the reach of many standard protective coatings.

Wattyl’s protective coatings are designed especially for the building and construction industries, such as zinc rich primers for structural steel, epoxy coatings for superior corrosion protection, in addition to high durability topcoats.

Finding the right coating from Wattyl’s range can assist in creating a definitive image for each major project.

Aesthetics meets functionality

Speciality finishes used within an architectural market provide an effective, high performance coating that has the aesthetic elements necessary to match any project. The aesthetics are provided by finish coats, which range from acrylics and enamels for benign environments to polyurethanes and polysiloxanes for aggressive or coastal locations. The choice of finish has a bearing on how long optimum appearance is maintained. Specifiers need to understand performance relative to other properties such as colour retention, abrasion and graffiti resistance, and of course, long term resistance to the effects of UV and weather.

Wattyl’s particular focus on the high aesthetic finishes and vast colour/texture range is evident throughout its high performance finishes range. Wattyl’s Poly U® polyurethane high performance acrylic polyurethane topcoats offer durable finishes with long lasting colour, UV protection and gloss retention.

Colour is an important coating selection criterion. The same paint will perform differently as a consequence of the pigments used; e.g., a dark colour will lose its colour intensity at a faster rate than a light colour. If strong, bold colours are selected, it is wise to invest in the best technology for colour stability. Wattyl’s Colourthane® acrylic polyurethane delivers excellent colour reproduction with flexibility to match virtually any colour including fleet, agricultural, marine, metallics, RAL and Australian standards. To date over 3000 colours in solids and metallic are available in the Colourthane range with new colours added regularly.

Wattyl’s Poly U 400 high performance polyurethane topcoats with Wattyl’s primer and intermediate layers are designed as a complete coatings system to provide maximum corrosion resistance for steel and concrete structures, at the same time not compromising on aesthetics. The Poly U range offers an extensive colour range in the form of solids, metallics, MIO, satin and anti-graffiti clear.

Long life and weather-resistant

Protective paint systems are typically based on a combination of zinc and epoxy primers over an abrasive blast cleaned surface. These are relatively standard to all external paint systems and provide the protective function of a specification.

Paracryl® is an isocyanate-free acrylic finish, which is characterised by its high gloss colour retention and superior UV resistance; and has superior properties that ensure resistance to weather exposure. Although it is used on a wide range of environments, Paracryl sees extensive use on commercial projects, rail, agricultural and mining industry. It has excellent exterior durability that, if applied correctly, will withstand most temperature and weather conditions. The Poly U and Paracryl range with its outstanding chemical and abrasion resistance properties have a long heritage of providing the highest level of durability and weatheribility.

When considering maintenance, both Poly U and Paracryl are ideal choices, as they contain recoatable properties. Anti-graffiti options are also available and are particularly useful when considering the maintenance of the overall aesthetic and technical performance of an industrial building’s façade.

While specifying a coating for architectural and industrial applications has been difficult in the past due to the amount of care required during preparation and application, Wattyl’s technical experts are here to help make specification easy.

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