A painting project always offers a rich canvas of possibilities. Taking inspiration from timeless classics is one way to create an enduring look on your walls. Colours such as deep navy, soft greens and classic neutrals take their cues from classic architecture and historical references.

Here are some colour ideas for your home:

Velvet Ribbon

Use timeless accent colours to turn up the glamour in your living room. Use the 'Velvet Ribbon' feature to add warmth and opulence.

Cafe Noir

Create a restful retreat with ‘Cafe Noir’ by adding different gloss levels, textures and lighting to achieve a timeless look.

Warm Shiraz

Achieve a designer look with ‘Warm Shiraz’, a rich, opulent colour that never gets dated and works very well with neutrals such as ‘Alta Sierra’ or whites and creams like ‘Chalkdust’.

English Castle

There’s nothing quite as timeless as the ‘English Castle’, part of the classic neutrals range that adds a touch of elegance to the home. Introduce some striking artwork and strong grounded furniture to complete the look.

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Image: Achieve a designer look with ‘Warm Shiraz’