WaterproofingSTUFF  offers waterproofing solutions and services for concrete products. WaterproofingSTUFF provides TREMproof® 60 H which is a polyurethane fluid membrane ideally used for roofs, tunnels, terraces, balconies, retaining walls, plaza decks, fountains, planter boxes and pools.

The Vulkem® 250 GC 18.9L Pail supplied by WaterproofingSTUFF is an elastomer suitable for vertical and horizontal surfaces. This can be used as an effective memebrane for concrete products, metal and wood surfaces.

WaterproofingSTUFF sells TREMproof 100 Colourseal Light Grey 20L Pail which is resistant to chemicals and aids in providing a surface finish to cobblestones and concrete products.

WaterproofingSTUFF provides Pabkote 5 (Fibre-reinforced) 20L Pail which is an affordable and quick means to provide a bitumen protective coating to building surfaces.

VULKEM 350-SL/351 waterproofing solution offered by WaterproofingSTUFF is a composite easy to clean waterproofing system and is available in different colours of clear, grey, black, beige and green. It is ideal for pedestrian traffic, metal, wood and concrete surfaces.

WaterproofingSTUFF offers Brushable Hydroseal 20L Pail Bitumen which is a rust inhibiting sealing compound and is suitable for ironing and concrete tanks, roofs and gutters, concrete and masonry walls, screws and washers.